Tips & Tricks


When conditioning the hair, it is important to squeeze as much water out of the hair as possible before applying conditioner. This allows maximum penetration without compromising the integrity of the conditioner.

When blow-drying it is a must to have your nozzle/concentrator on the end of your blow-dryer. This forces the hair cuticle to close which delivers a natural healthy shine.

Just like a blow-dryer and hair brush are the tools to help create a beautiful blow-dry our products are just as important. The right products will help protect, help hold, and add shine to the hair without compromising the integrity of the hair shaft.

Make up-

Summer season is a great time for pictures. To ensure we look our best it is important to remember the shimmer eye powders or bronzers will enhance lines and wrinkles in photographs. It is a nice time to try matte brighter pastels to brighten up and give a youthful glow.


Summer sun can trigger the rupturing of melanin causing permanent sun spots aka freckles. It is not a replacement for sunscreen but cooling off in a cold shower immediately after sun exposure can help reduce the production of the melanin. We recommend everybody uses sunscreen if being exposed to the sun.


In the summer time we tend to use our brighter colours. These can leave unpleasant yellow stains on our nails. This is just the leaching of the polishes pigment and can be easily avoided by simply using a quality base coat such as Zoya's "Anchor". The use of a quality of a base coat also gives the polish longevity.

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